Sogn Industry


We’re going to have strong resources at every stage. We know what it’s like to structure a successful project. We are going to train the next generation of project managers so that one should look for themselves and grasp all the joints.

By using people with good system knowledge and constantly moving those between different joints for a quarter project, you build one strong foundation to a strong project manager. One that easily sees weak joints and challenges and can lift both those and the project further and stagnate.

Sogn Industry

Our goal

You have to see your career as a constant learning curve where one strengthens their weak sides to make their good sides stronger. If you only strengthen its strengths it is easy to forget the big picture.

We will contribute more than positive developments outside the petroleum industry. We believe that Norway is largely dependent on this industry and therefore we prioritize it at least, even if it is where we have a lot to contribute. We should have the right attitude, broad competence and be in the right place at the right time. We will facilitate innovation and innovations in markets where needed.

Sogn Industry

Who are we

Sogn Industri is an engineering company that mainly works with system development and innovative solutions. We supply and interdisciplinary engineering for a wide range of industries. We offer key competence, and multi-discipline problem solving for industrial projects.

• We have great expertise in developing and creating project bases for new and existing systems.

• We can be a resource in different parts of a project, with emphasis on project management and installation expertise.

• We are strong where there are hectic conditions, in a chaotic project state we make order, control and quality.

Our passion makes others successful!

On Shore-Off Shore

Sogn Industri has extensive experience with project execution and start-up, onshore and offshore.


Our engineers each have partakers in both the planning phase and the start-up to major international power initiatives.


We can take on the leadership role or be an active supporter within the maritime project.