Introduction to our services

Sogn Industri is an engineering company that mainly works with system development and innovative solutions.

The core competence of Sogn Industri is a multi-discipline knowledge based on many years of experience.

Everyone in our core team has professional letters, with higher education that builds on experience. But we have one thing in common: we are passionate about delivering, and we live for others to succeed. We love complicated systems, and are passionate about taking large complex installations in a good way.

Introduction to our Services

Sogn Industri is an engineering company that mainly works with system development and innovative solutions.

The basis of Sogn Industri is multidisciplinary knowledge based on many years of experience.

Everything in our core team has teacher evidence, with higher education and degrees. With one thing in common: we have a true passion for success, and we eat, breathe and love complex systems.

Sogn Industry


On Shore-Offshore

We have traveled many larger projects in both on/offshore, both as leadership roles (project manager, Installation Manager etc.), executing (Commissioning, installation, modification) but also planning (study, supply, pricing, estimation and strategy) .
We have installed topside gas wells, changed turbine generator facilities, changed steering system, made special solutions to solve problems with more. Our strength is that we see the whole system, the whole picture.

We are accustomed to using systems such as: ProCoSys, Project Completion System software, ProArc, Project System Software, Siemens Control System, Simatic, PCS7, SAP System Application and Products System, Microsoft Project, E-room, STIDtag, STIDtips, STID doc, ARIS, Triark, DocMap, MS Office, MS Visio, AutoCad, Autodesk Inventor.


Sogn Industri utilize all its experience from Oil, Energy and Maritime to link technology and methodology against sustainability.

We embed our competence and approach in the UN’s sustainability goals, with the focus on sustainability and energy – on “location-adapted technology integration” – How to gain optimal integration of technical solutions against specific needs.

In small terms: We help companies increase earnings, become more productive, and more competitive, while at the same time becoming more sustainable.



We have hosted on major power plants both nationally and internationally. Hydro-power, wind power, traffic stations, fork point, mains connection, combustion power stations (generator power stations), LNG/gas, also nuclear power. We also have a close collaboration with other independent key resources within the industry and always have the right hand expertise for all assignments. We can be a supporter, quality control, leader or force project where it has weak links. Our inter-disciplinary competence is a great force to ensure both deadlines and budget are being held, while quality is being lived.

We also work with system building within renewable energy. We tailor system and solutions to different needs. We look at the potential of each one and leverage potentials to get a stronger, more sustainable, and profitable food chain.


Sogn Marine is a subdivision of Sogn Industri.
We are targeting the maritime environment in Norway and internationally.

We have great expertise and offer sharpened services to the maritime sector and the shipyard industry.
For us, good service means listening to you, exchanging experiences and using our large network of contacts.
We are committed to making your everyday life easier! We know the industry, professionals and those who set professional pride rather than price.

Sogn Industry

Also provides services within:

Technical drawing

Sogn Industri can supply drawing and engineering services. Everything from early stage site planning to component, structure and system drawings.


HSE/QA is a big part of doing the job correctly, and the core to perform properly. Feel free to ask us about our experience.


Sogn Industri has extensive experience with project execution and start-up, onshore and offshore.

Electrical Engineer

High and low voltage switches, inverters/converters systems, battery systems, UPS systems and Diesel Generator systems.


We ensure that the system is integrated properly, there are many considerations and take to build system that works. We know the challenges, and we have the solutions.

Mechanical Engineering

In addition to seeing how the mechanics are to be solved, we also see how it needs to work together as a totality. What is a machine about not it working on the system it is located in? We have installed, started and know what is needed.

Documentation (LCI)

WE can structure documentation so that it is safeguarded and presented in a good way. An important bit of documentation is to have good processes, this we have.

Engineering/Completion Tools

There’s a jungle of auxiliary systems out there, but working smart doesn’t have to be difficult. The simple little steps are often the best. There is no need to change large expensive system, you can easily get efficiency up and down with simple processes.


Whatever the complexity, size, scope, SOGN industry delivers! Period. We are passionate about others to be successful!